Coast Ed

The Coast Ed service was founded with support funding from the Arts Council England in 2014. The programme has developed and gone from strength to strength. The initial project was to develop an offer of a Museum Education Service for Schools across Adur, Worthing and Arun. The success of the programme is such that we are now delivering to primary schools across Surrey and East and West Sussex.

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WTM can support

With the introduction of the new national curriculum, we are ideally placed to support you with the study of changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age alongside our existing offer covering the Roman and Anglo Saxon period. West Sussex sits in a rich landscape of changing history from the Neolithic hunter gatherers to the Anglo-Saxon burial ground at Highdown Hill.

We can support you and your children in the study of this vast timeframe with our fantastic collections of archaeological finds from the period.

Current Coast Ed Workshops

Romans in Britain (KS2)

Explore Romans in Britain and Sussex. A session will include handling Roman artefacts, Being an Archaeologist , dressing up in Roman armour and putting on a Toga and playing Roman games .

Invaders and Settlers (KS2)

How do we know about life before 1066? Become an archaeologist by taking part in our mini excavation and find lots of clues to help us find out about life in prehistoric Britain. Book an extra session to visit Local Historic site Cissbury Ring or Highdown Hill

The Worthing Story (KS1/2)

Find out all about how Worthing has developed over time, or focus on a specific period. Book an extra session for a Worthing Town walk.

Seaside Holidays (KS1)

From Princess Amelia to Punch and Judy, Worthing has a lot of experience as a seaside town. Discover Punch & Judy, recreate a Victorian seaside scene and become picture detectives. Book an extra session for a Seaside Town walk.