Archaeology Collection

Here at WTM we have an extensive archaeology collection looked after by our wonderful resident archaeologist James Sainsbury. We have a regular programme of archaeology walks and lectures so if you would like to learn more about the collection and handle some of the objects keep an eye out for these in the What's On section and on our social media!

An insight into the collection

The real strength of the collections can be seen in our internationally important artefacts from the Neolithic flint mines at Blackpatch, Cissbury Ring, Church Hill, and Harrow Hill, alongside a large number of Bronze Age metal hoards.

We also have unique finds from Roman religious sites such as Chanctonbury Ring, as well as funerary remains from the local area. The 5 th century Patching Hoard of gold and silver coins is unique in Britain and crowns our extensive assemblage of Roman coin hoards from across West Sussex.

The museum contains a large number of human remains, jewellery, weaponry and glass-ware from the nationally significant early Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Highdown Hill.

We actively encourage research into our archaeological collections and have worked closely with academic institutions, local interest groups and societies in the recent past to continue building our understanding of Worthing’s fascinating history.

Exploring the collection

Bronze Age Sussex Loops from the Stump Bottom Hoard

6th century Anglo-Saxon decorated pot from Highdown Hill

2nd century enamelled fish brooch from Muntham Court

3rd century Musical instrument mouthpiece from Muntham Court

5th century saucer brooches from Highdown Hill

5th century glass beaker from Highdown Hill

2nd century bronze boar plaque from Muntham Court

Roman cremation urn

5th century glass conical beaker from Highdown Hill

5th century belt-slide from Highdown Hill

5th century coins & rings from the Patching Hoard

5th century glass bowl from Highdown Hill

2nd century keys from Chanctonbury Ring

7th century Penannular brooch from Highdown Hill

Cissbury Ring - West Sussex

The Devil’s Jumps, Treyford

Harrow Hill - West Sussex

James Sainsbury Archaelogy interview