Coins and Medals Collection

We have an extensive coin and medal collection here at WTM. Including coins from the famous Patching Hoard discovered in 1977.

More about the collection

The earliest coin dates to around 50BC and is a gold stater given by the Ambiani tribe of modern-day Belgium in exchange for military support against Julius Caesar himself! Extensive Roman coin hoards, including the famous Patching Hoard are also in our collections, many of which are on display. We also have a large collection of medals, from commemorative issues to wartime medals issued to both the British forces and the German Wehrmacht.

Exploring the collection

Gold solidi of Emperor Valentinian III from the Patching Hoard c. 450 AD

XIV Olympiad London c. 1948

Horse and Chariot Medal

Trafalgar Captain’s medals This one was given to the captain of HMS Belleisle. One of only 13 in the world.

Coins and Medals with James