Textiles Collection

The Worthing Textile Collection contains a wide range of objects.

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Perhaps the most persuasive is a banner used by the suffragette movement. The collection includes lengths of cloth intended, but never used, for dressmaking, as well as objects of great beauty embellished with beadwork and embroidery. We hold a number of samplers worked by women of the eighteenth century for needlework practice, as well as quilts, whose use was both decorative and practical. Pieces of ecclesiastical embroidery are kept alongside domestic ones.

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Flower Embroidered Ribbon c. 1961

Peacock Textile Sateen cream, embroidered in floss silks with peacock designs. Bird with spread tail within a floral surround. Brought back from India & later mounted as a cushion cover with a back of cream rayon. c.1900.

Ribbon c. 1962

Sewn buttons

Part of the Jubilee Quilt Crazy Patchwork

Textiles - Collection with Gerry Connolly