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We’re delighted to announce the return of the biennial WTM OPEN in its original ‘physical’ format. The WTM Open21 offers all those within our community an exciting opportunity to exhibit within a distinguished gallery space.

Submitting work to this exhibition is open to anyone who lives or works in East or West Sussex, and amateur or professional artists of all ages are welcome to submit up to three pieces. 

An entry fee of £5 per work submitted applies. (£4 for under 18s)

The criteria for the selection will be to choose a fair and representative mixture on the basis of quality and variety. WTM Open21 has no themes so the subject matter is completely open to artistic interpretation.

There are a few changes to the original way of doing things so this Entry Form is now an e-form but hard copies will be available from our venues and can be mailed out if anyone is unable to access this.  The deadline for submission and entry fee payment is Friday 10th September 2021. Please see the Conditions of Entry for further details, key dates, and any restrictions as to the type of work we are able to consider and exhibit.     

Enter Open 21

First you will need to pay the entry fee: please select below 1 fee per piece of work you would like to enter – maximum of 3 per artist. Please note that your entry will not be valid until the relevant entry fee is paid.

Artists aged under 18

Artists aged over 18

After you have paid your fee, please fill in the entry form via the button below.

Conditions of entry

Who Can Enter?

The exhibition is open to anyone, of any age, who lives or works in East or West Sussex. Both professional and amateur artists are welcome to enter but all work must be no more than two years old.

How Many Artworks?

Up to 3 pieces of work can be entered per person.  We accept both 2D and 3D work but 3D work must be free standing or wall mounted.  There is limited availability to provide a power supply for exhibits and any entries requiring this must be PAT tested.


Entry forms can be submitted between Monday 14 June and Friday 10th September. No entry forms can be accepted after Friday 10th September.

Payment and Fees

The entry fees are £5 per work for artists aged 18 and over, and £4 per work for under 18’s. Payment is online only.


Your work must be clearly labelled on the back (or suitable place) with your name and the title of the work.  THE NAME AND TITLES ON YOUR LABELS MUST BE THE SAME AS THE NAME AND TITLE GIVEN ON THIS E-FORM. We cannot accept any work that does not have your name and title on it.  

Framing Requirements

All wall mounted work must be framed or suitably backed so that a mirror-plate screw fixing can be attached.  We cannot accept work mounted in clip frames or aluminium frames.  All other fixings must be removed.

Size Limits

Any work exceeding 1 metre square is unlikely to be accepted due to space restrictions.  Work must also be movable by no more than two people.


All work must be unpacked on delivery.  There are no facilities to store packaging.


All work must be given a value whether it is for sale or not. Work selected for the exhibition will be insured using the sale value. (if you do not wish to sell you work you can select NFS when filling out the relevant section of this form)

We cannot insure work that is not selected for the exhibition, so it will not be insured prior to selection.


Sale prices should include a museum commission rate of 40% + VAT (vat charged on commission only).  If your work is sold a deduction of 48% is made to account for commission + VAT.  Prices cannot be altered later.

Delivery and Collection

All work must be delivered/collected on the correct collection days.  There will be a storage charge of £5 per item per week if anything is not collected. Work will be disposed if not collected after 6 weeks.

Selection Results

No liability will be accepted for works not selected for the exhibition.  Artists should visit www.wtam.uk to find out whether work has been selected or whether they need to collect their work if unselected.


Details cannot be altered once submitted so please ensure the correct information is given on this form. 

Launch Event

All artists who submit work will be invited to the launch event on Friday 1st October 6-8pm.  You can collect an invitation when you deliver you work.

Please note that by submitting your work to the WTM OPEN21 you agree to those works being photographed and possibly used in future publicity and promotional material relating to WTAM.