Amazing, delightful and Not Bad Looking! * * * *

BalletBoyz, one of the most well known all-male dance groups in the UK. I went to see them live the other day at the Connaught Theatre in Worthing. Before I even reached the door, people were buzzing with excitement. This anticipation filled the streets outside of the venue, and it was even more vivacious inside.

The audience were of all ages, from school children to older generations; this show was definitely for everyone. The ticket checker was overwhelmed by audience members wanting to get into the theatre. Once I got in and got to my seat, I listened to some of the conversations going on around me. “I have never seen these boys before but I cannot wait!” “I saw the documentary on them on the BBC a while back and I was very impressed by their dancing.”

When the show started the audience went silent in awe as they saw these fit young men dance in a way I have never seen before. The best way to describe it is, it was like they didn’t have any bones in their body. They moved so fluently and with such elegance, their dancing lived up to their reputation.

The first half was a bit confusing but once I had read some information online I figured it out. The thing with dancing is, it doesn’t need a story-line or spoken words, the dancing and the performers do all of it.

When the show was over, I stayed behind and listened to some of the conversations “That was amazing!” That was the most popular saying. “How do they do that? It was like they were made out of water!” I overheard one child say.

This show definitely took my breath away and if I had the chance, I would see them again in a heartbeat; and a message to anyone who wants to see them but maybe a bit sceptical about seeing an all-male dancer group: Go and see them. If you want to see first class dancing, go and see Balletboyz.

By Hannah Orange | @BananaSandwich0