Adur & Worthing is a place of surprises. The commitment to culture across the area is clear; more unusually, the cultural players also possess a clear understanding of what culture can bring to an area, not only in terms of ‘offer’ but also in terms of the nuances involved with developing social capital, identity and innovation.

There is tangible passion to harness culture and utilise it to bring about a step change in the ongoing revitalisation of the area. A cultural partnership has been established supported by the Adur & Worthing Trust and Adur & Worthing Councils. Despite enviable forward momentum, the pace of progress has been inconsistent. What was needed was clarity – not in the form of a static master plan, but more a sense of shared purpose, of unity. There needs to be a galvanising force to capture the hearts and minds of the people involved, tap into their drive and energy and enable them to propel Adur & Worthing to the place they know it deserves to be: thriving, vital, and elegantly eccentric.

This document sets out the pathways to achieve this vision. Click the cover to open the document.