The 18th of August sees Worthing plays host to multi-award winning Blues singer-songwriter Guy Davis.

Having played alongside the veritable talents of Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen and legendary folk singer, ‘Uncle’ Pete Seeger, he more than knows his way around a guitar.

His stagecraft honed through a thirty-year career on stage and screen. His music is inspired by the speech and storytelling of his grandparents who told tales of the rural South as he grew up New York City. These tales have been woven sweetly into the stories and songs, that he has spent the last twenty years on the road performing.

For those people that are maybe not immediately au-fait with Davis' career as a musician, they might be more that familiar with his work as an actor, especially if they have more than a passing interest in Hip-Hop.

In 1984' he played the lead role in the internationally applauded movie 'Beat Street'. As DJ Kenny 'Double K' Kirkland he helped bring an incredibly vibrate story of friendship forged against an unforgiven background of the South Bronx to life.

Beat Street acted as a catalyst for the explosion of the Hip-Hop culture across the world. All most overnight, kids up and down the land where dressing, talking, picking up spray cans and spinning on their heads exactly like their heroes in the film. The homemade ethic of making music and storytelling in the face of adversity seen in the film, owes much to its roots in blues.

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For me and millions like me, the lyrics of title track 'Beat Street Breakdown' "You've gotta believe in something, you've gotta believe in someone. You've gotta have that special feeling that makes you wanna meet the morning sun' still holds true some thirty years later.