By Sandra Jenkins

Grumpy Old Women is a touring show made by and aimed firmly at women, that is - women of a certain age! The show is written and performed by comedienne Jenny Eclair along with Susie Blake (a talented actress of Mrs Brown's Boys, Coronation Street) and Kate Robbins, a stand up comedienne and mimic.

The show explodes with their "Ghostbuster-style" arrival in quest of other GOW's. Through their quick-wit and camaraderie, they keep the show and its theme of Grumpy Old Women moving along at a fair pace with sketches, monologues and visual gags, all aimed primarily at women but with a few sharp comments in their partners/husbands direction.

From saggy boobs to certain lady parts being re-engineered, very little in the line of women's feeling about growing old and cranky is left out by this sharp and talented group.

Whilst there were a small handful of men there, all looking suitably lost and a little nervous, the theatre was rocked by the sound of hundreds of women recognising many of the 'lady issues' covered and genuine laughter at the trio's take on the effects of ageing on themselves and their friends.

The first half was taken up by the use of a pie chart, dividing a woman's day up into time segments, with over half their day taken up by 'worrying', about everything from property prices to worldwide poverty and what to cook. Almost every aspect of women ageing was covered - sometimes in rather gruesome and intimate but hilarious detail. Pilates, wind, make up, technology, online dating and everything that we (women) all go through and think about on a daily basis was openly given a comic twist.

There are no taboos on this entertaining show and if the audience reaction was anything to go by, they loved it.