For those of you that are familiar with the Greek myths you may know the enticing story of Medusa, the woman with locks of serpents and a look that could turn you to stone! More recently the character has featured in the novel and film adaptation Percy Jackson & the Olympians when she was portrayed by Uma Thurman. I’m really excited about our performance from renowned dance choreographer Jasmin Vardimon, Medusa, which will have a modern take on this ancient tale.

Considering the current political and environmental climate in the wake of #MeToo, global warming and the plastic pollution crisis this piece paints an interesting reimagining on Medusa’s story. Often portrayed as a monster, Vardimon takes a new look at why she was cursed with her hideous appearance and it certainly made me feel differently toward the character.

The story has recently had a reimagining in a sculpture by Luciano Garbati which depicted an alternative ending where Medusa holds the head of Perseus. This has been used as a feminist symbol and an alternative look at her representation.

Interestingly, within zoology the word medusa means jellyfish. This is also brought alive within the performance as an exploration of the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans. Jellyfish, which have been floating in our seas for over 600 million years, often benefit from the impact of overfishing, plastic pollution bringing down the number of predatory fish and the increase of temperature due to global warming as they flourish in warm water.

The Jasmin Vardimon Company is celebrating 20 years of creativity with many highly acclaimed shows under their belt, including Pinocchio, which we all enjoyed when it came to Worthing Pavilion in 2016. As a fan of contemporary dance, I feel very lucky to have such an influential choreographer’s work coming to our town. For those of you that came to see our performance of The Knot recently and enjoyed its modern interpretation of marriage, I would definitely recommend coming to see this too.

This is a production that will certainly give us something to think about will keep you transfixed throughout, but don’t worry – you won’t be turned to stone!

Medusa will be at the Connaught Theatre Thursday 7 February 2019 and tickets are on sale now via or at the Worthing Theatres Box Office on 01903 206 206.