We asked Alice Hiller, one of our previous 100% project volunteers, what her experience was like working at Worthing Theatres... here are her thoughts!

A little bit about me and why I chose Worthing
I am a recent Graduate from the University of Sussex. I started volunteering at Worthing Theatres three months after graduating. I actually applied to Worthing Theatres whilst I was still at the University. I knew that I wanted to work in Theatre once I graduated, so when I saw the 100% Project advertised on the University of Sussex Careers website, I thought that this would be a great way for me to gain some experience in a professional theatre context.

What the 100% Project Involved
Whilst completing the 100% Project I had the opportunity to move around departments. The intention behind the project is that the intern spends 100 hours moving around between the Marketing, Front of House, Box Office and Technical departments, giving a rich overview of how a theatre is run. However, the programme is flexible to allow for the individual to develop in a particular area of interest. Once I started the project, I started spending more time in the marketing department, enabling me to develop specific skills.

Highlight of volunteering
My highlight of volunteering has to be how friendly and welcoming people are. Even though I only spent two days in some of the departments, I was made to feel comfortable and a valued member of the team. I was able to ask any questions that I had, deepening my knowledge of how the theatre operates and gaining an understanding of the work which different people within the theatre do.

I now have a paid internship here!
I absolutely loved my time at Worthing Theatres and was very sad at the thought of it coming to an end. Luckily, I didn’t have to leave because I now work as a Marketing Assistant Intern! Completing the 100% Project was the best possible stepping-stone that I could have had prior to working here as I had the opportunity to meet members of staff from different departments, helping me to feel right at home straight away (which is ideal for my first job after Graduating), as well as giving me an understanding of what different departments do and how they work together to produce the amazing line-up of shows which they do.

If you are thinking about volunteering...
To anyone considering volunteering at Worthing Theatres, I would say go for it! You will meet lots of interesting people, gain valuable knowledge and experience the theatre in a way which you would not usually have access to.

To find our more about volunteering, visit our dedicated page: http://worthingtheatres.co.uk/volunteering/