Where did the idea and inspiration for Lifted come from?
Over the last few years Mimbre has expanded the range and style of our work through a host of circus productions and interesting collaborations, ranging from opera to fashion! For Lifted we wanted to go back to our roots - outdoor acrobatic performances, performed by three women, while re-examining the origins of Mimbre's style by incorporating fresh movement ideas into our own unique cannon.

Making a bucket list of people we would be most inspired to collaborate with, we were over the moon that our top three choices were willing to work with us! We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Yi-Chun Liu, HURyCAN and Gary Clarke, each giving us an intensive residential week. For each of these three choreographic laboratories within the rehearsal period, they’re bringing their unique approaches, looking at Mimbre's physicality from different points of view.

With Joint Artistic Director Silvia Fratelli back performing, Mimbre regular Rosy Roberts and a new female super-base, Freya Stokka, we will continue our development of acrobalance - human pyramids, lifts and throws – in new compositions and creating different shapes. Our director Lina Johansson will curate all the different influences into a performance full of surprises and moments of beauty

If you had to describe your Lifted in one sentence, what would it be?
A collection of funny, poetic and surprising acrobatic moments, which in different ways explore what it means when one body is carried by another.

What is your event definitely NOT?
It is not a play, or text based piece.

What sort of person is going to connect with it most?
Mimbre like to create work that is for all ages. That is to say, it is not a children's show or an adult show, but a show for everyone. Anyone from 3 to 103 can engage in some way in circus, and we find people from different ages each take something unique and exciting from it. We think women and girls in particular (but not exclusively) get inspired by our work, as it presents a different image of women than those that are often seen in circus and dance - women being strong and lifting as well as balancing on top.

By using a non-verbal language, we also find our work is appreciated across nationalities and backgrounds, as well as by people for who verbal communication might be challenging.

What will audiences take away from Lifted?
We hope people will leave with a sense of awe at the skills they seen and having been moved by the tender moments of the production; we want to give the sense of human connections and trust, as well as evoke laughter about the absurd situations we end up in when bodies get crammed together in urban life. These will be underscored by original music from the brilliant Ted Barnes, as well as costumes by Bettina John, both of who are a vital part in creating this special world for our audience, and we are very excited to work with them.

What is special about Lifted?
The mix of intimacy and spectacle, the directness of the physical language, the humour, the visual poetry, the strength of the women, the simplicity of the idea and the complexity of the images that will be left in your mind.

Also the exciting collaborators involved in the production: the renowned international choreographers bringing their flavour and taste to mix with Mimbre's approach to physicality.

Have you ever performed in Worthing before?
We were lucky enough to open our previous tour, The Exploded Circus, at Worthing in May last year, and were blown away by the lovely support and reception from both the theatre and the audience. We are really excited to be coming back this year!

What about Lifted excites YOU the most?
The choreographic laboratories with Yi-Chun Liu, HURyCAN and Gary Clarke - having the chance to collaborate with such incredibly talented and diverse artists. Going into the rehearsal room with nothing apart from the performers’ bodies and then coming out bursting with images, possibilities and stories. Developing surprising new approaches out of nothing, looking at our skills with fresh eyes, finding new tricks, new connections, new tensions. Having the chance to play and out of that play to find what matters to us and what we can give to the audience. We feel very privileged to have the chance to mess around and then to find something serious out of that.

Lifted is on Saturday 20th July 2019 on Worthing Pavilion Theatre Promenade. It is a free event, but we recommend booking a ticket so we can keep you up to date if anything changes about the show -ie weather, time change etc. Book tickets now.