Press Reviews

"A delight, congratulations"
★★★★ 1/2 The Latest

"An evening of theatre magic."
★★★★ The Argus

"Worthing’s festive offering has everything a panto purist could want."
★★★★ The Sussex Newspaper.

"Fun, magic family memories. Tinkerbell’s presence throughout the show will make us all believe in fairies."
★★★★ Theatre South East

"Spectacular backdrops, powerful songs and stunning costumes aplenty."
Worthing Herald.

"Plenty for a family audience to enjoy"
The Stage

Blog Reviews

"A perfect balance of magic and comedy, Peter Pan at Worthing Pavilion Theatre delights young and old. An enchanting adaptation."
a field somewhere.

"All the classic pantomime elements were there, and it was a great family show."
Jennifer's Little World.

"Patrick Monahan as Captain Hook really stole the show for me with his excellent comic timing and stage presence"
Smiles and Trials

"Our favourite character was Smee, from Dick and Dom and Amelia Lily’s great singing voice also stood out. But shhh, don’t tell, I secretly loved the baddie. Patrick Monahan was excellent as a gravel voiced, very booable Captain Hook"
Muddy Stilettos

"A magical experience, alongside the incredible lighting, special effects, flying and genuinely funny jokes"

Customer quotes:

I came last night and watched with my 5 year old daughter and we loved it!’
Melanie, Facebook.

‘It was really good fun!’
Mary, Facebook  

It was brilliant!!!!’
Naomi, Facebook.

‘Great family entertainment ....we loved it. All the cast and staff were brilliant. X’
Chris, Facebook.

‘Such a good panto today! Cast amazing, adult humour well placed. Great family evening. Thank you!’
Dave, Facebook.

‘If you’ve not seen it, you’re missing out on the best panto ever’
Camilla, Twitter.

"It was a delight, a show the whole family will enjoy. Congratulations."
Dan, Twitter.

‘My little girl loved @worthingpanto today @WorthingTheatre so much that she wants to go again so she can take her big sister too!’
Helen, Twitter.

Have you joined us for a magical trip to Neverland yet? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter! The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan runs until Sunday 8th January. Click here for more info & tickets!