Top Five Pixar Movies

There are few studios with as many critical and Commercial hits as Pixar. Beloved by families around the world, their films have made us laugh and made us cry. They have also made huge technical bounds with the use of computer technology in animation. Its really hard for me to pick a favourite but I’m gonna try and whittle these great films down to my top five.

5. Inside Out
There’s so much to love in last years hit! Amy Poehler as the perpetually happy Joy and the examination of Riley’s emotions and the impact on her life. And who could forget Bing Bong…. Oh Bing Bong.


4. Finding Nemo
Just a brilliant adventure film with a heart-warming father and son story. The supporting characters are all so memorable and feel like an old school Disney film. Mine!


3. Toy Story 3
Oh Boy… I cried like a baby when I first saw this in the cinema (and every time since). I know the first Toy Story is probably the better film but this one is loaded with so much pathos and great film references that you can’t help but fall in love with it.

toys 3

2. Ratatouille
This Pixar might not have really worked for the younger audience but it’s an amazing idea that shouldn’t work but works a treat. The loveable rat that wants to cook perfect meals and teams with a gullible young chef is set around a wonderfully animated and romanticised Paris.


The wordless opening 30 minutes is an absolute work of genius as Wall-E wanders around the world he has built for himself. Then as EVE enters his world he becomes mankind's most unlikely saviour – it’s a huge story reduced to its small components, and is all the more beautiful for it.


The Office top 5 Pixar doesn’t quite line up with mine so here's the result of the Office poll.
1 – Wall-e
2 – Monsters Inc
3 – Finding Nemo
4 – Toy Story
5 – Toy Story 3

Least Favourite
Easy. Don't even have to think about it. Cars 2. It's just no good.