5 Reasons you should visit WTM Cinema with Projectionist Simon!

Here at WTM we have incredible film programme, with everything from the latest in mainstream and arthouse cinema. WTM projectionist Simon tells us his top 5 reasons you should see your next film at the  WTM Cinema!

New 4K Projector 

The Connaught Theatre has recently undergone a massive upgrade to it’s projector. We've retired our old NEC 2K Xenon projector at the ripe age of 8 years old (I know this doesn’t seem old, but technology has moved on a lot in 8 years!) and have upgraded the system to a state of the art Barco 4K Laser RGB projector. 

What makes a Laser 4K projector better than the old one? A 4K projector has much smaller pixels in the image, meaning a clearer, more crisp image for all of our screenings. This allows us to screen new 4K cinema content to the standard that it should be seen, and give our customers the best cinematic image possible. 

On top of improved image quality, we are able to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint, as lasers use much less power than the old Xenon style projectors. Our old Xenon projector drew around 5.3KW per hour, whereas the new Laser projector draws around 1.3KW per hour, a massive difference. On top of this, we have been able to turn off extraction fans and air conditioning in the projection room as the new projector runs at a much lower temperature and is not as sensitive to heat. All of this is a big positive in reducing our energy consumption, and helping to reduce our carbon footprint - something we all feel very passionate about. 

New screen in the main house 

On top of our new projector in the Connaught Theatre, we have also been able to replace the projection screen with a Harkness 1.4 Gained screen. We felt that it was important to replace this, as well as the projector, as the old screen really had seen better days. The old screen was at least 30 years old, had a few holes in it cunningly taped back together, had multiple stains and despite our best efforts to get the screen cleaned we couldn’t get the dirt to budge! 

The new screen has a higher reflective surface than the old one, offering a brighter image to our audience, while also allowing us to reduce the power consumption on the projector. The new screen has also allowed us to give a cleaner (literally!) image to our audience, as the screen has no marks and is damage free enabling us to provide the best image possible. 

Our 35mm projector

We are very lucky at WTM to have retained one of our 35mm projectors within the Connaught Studio. We have tried our best to keep this projector up and running and in the best possible condition to allow us to play classic old films in the way they were intended, from their original prints. 

WTM has a small team of projectionists who are still trained in the art form of operating a 35mm projector, and are committed to training our new projectionists to operate it also in order to keep this art form alive for years to come. 

There is something special about seeing a 35mm film, projected the way it should be. With the crackles and pops from the audio, and scratches on the image as well as a faint flicker as frames pass through the projector lens - a true cinematic experience, and one I recommend all of you try to see if you haven’t before. 

Dolby 7.1 Audio and Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

Both of our cinema screens are equipped with some of the best sound equipment available to us, and we are proud that both of our cinema screens are setup for Dolby 7.1 audio. Dolby 7.1 audio offers immersive sound to the cinema viewer with the sense of the audio being “all around you”. 

We are also very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with local audio company Bowers and Wilkins who have provided us with state of the art speakers for our surround sound and subwoofers. We are very grateful for the time and support Bowers and Wilkins have provided us with. 

The powerful speakers, combined with state of the art amplifiers and audio processors provides crystal clear, powerful audio to all of our screenings. 

Live Broadcasts

At WTM we are very passionate about providing our customers with a wide variety of events and screenings, and hope that there is something for everyone. One of our favorite pieces of content to screen is our live broadcasts. Throughout the year we are lucky to be able to receive satellite transmissions from all over the world, with some of our most popular screenings being from the Royal Opera House, The National Theatre and Glyndebourne Opera House. We are also able to receive satellite Q&A sessions with directors and actors for some select films throughout the year. 

What makes a live broadcast so good? Having a performance broadcast directly to a cinema screen is not only convenient as you don’t have to travel very far, but it also allows you to see the action close up, and have the best view of the performance from anywhere in the house, and all this - on average a quarter of the price of seeing it in the theatre itself!