Artist Mandy William's describes the A Strange and Familiar Sea Exhibition in 3 words

The A Strange and Familiar Sea exhibition is currently on display in the Studio Gallery, it features film and photography work by local artist Mandy William's exploring the mysterious pull of the sea. The exhibition brings together work from three photographic Beyond Land, Sea Level and Frame. 

We asked Mandy if she could only pick 3 words to describe her current exhibition, A Strange and Familiar Sea, what would they be? Here are the words she chose...

It was quite hard to select three words to describe my current exhibition at Worthing Museum.  I was looking for adjectives that would apply equally to the different photographic series and to the video, but which are also descriptive of my wider practice.

I chose evocative as one of the words because it is a description that viewers have frequently used about my photography. Hopefully the work in the show conveys feelings and memories about place and how the marks of time and human presence affect the environment.

Metaphorical seemed an important word to include. The Frame video can be viewed as a metaphor for time passing and the Beyond Land series can be interpreted in several different ways. When I started the series of people walking out into the sea it was a response to the referendum result, along with other work I was creating on tidal islands around themes of separation and attachment.

Introspective is perhaps a strange word to pick as I want visitors to come and enjoy my exhibition! However, much of my work is quite quiet and reflective. Trace recreates the weathered textures from the beach shelter window onto transparent sea-coloured acrylics and Sea Level is quite dark, a response to the sea at a time of sadness and introspection.