The 2.6 Challenge

Take part in The 2.6 Challenge for WTM

Coronavirus has changed all our lives, we’re missing seeing family and friends and we’re spending a lot more time at home. It has also had a devastating effect on charities across the country, with the cancellation of thousands of events and the loss of billions in fundraising income. 

WTM is no exception and the Coronavirus crisis has resulted in WTM losing the majority of our income. We’ve had to close our doors, reschedule or cancel an entire season of performances and exhibitions and postpone all our work with the local community such as our wonderful Coast Ed education programme. At a time when the world needs creativity and the arts more than ever, we are doing our very best to continue to bring the arts to everyone in our community, including people who may be vulnerable and isolated. 

Whilst we are doing everything we can to weather the storm we need your help now more than ever! We’re inviting you, your family and friends to take part in The 2.6 Challenge and do something amazing to raise money for WTM.

Your support will ensure that art, music, theatre, dance, heritage and creativity in Worthing can thrive!

The 2.6 Challenge 

The organisers of the biggest mass-participation sports events across the country have come together to create a new campaign to raise vital funds to help save the UK’s charities, making up for some of the income lost through cancelled events. All you need to do is think of an activity based around the numbers 26 or 2.6 that works for you and complete it between Sunday 26 April - which should have been the date of the 40th London Marathon, the world’s biggest one-day annual fundraising event - and Sunday 3 May. Join people of all ages from around the country raising money for charities close to their heart.

We know you are a creative lot! You have already wowed us with your wonderful artworks and WTM’s - now we want you to dream up a brilliant challenge based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 - any activity you like - then fundraise or donate to support WTM. The 2.6 Challenge is for all ages and abilities. Most people are taking part from Sunday 26 April but you can do your activity whenever is most convenient for you.

Your 2.6 Challenge can be any activity you like - the more creative the better! 

  • Feeling inspired by last year’s Spin Out festival? Why not challenge every member of your household to come up with a two minute and six second act (juggling, magic or just clowning around) and then combine them all into a variety show. Invite friends and family to watch your performance online via Zoom, Skype or Houseparty in exchange for a donation. 
  • Love watching films at The Connaught? Make your own 26-second stop motion animation and screen it for the people you live with in a front room cinema, or share it online, in exchange for donations. All you need are some toys, a smartphone or tablet loaded with one of the free stop-motion apps out there (Stop Motion Studio is a good one for Apple users), something to keep the device steady and your imagination. Action!
  • Missing workshops and art exhibitions at the Museum? Try making your own comic! Comics are fantastically colourful ways to spark some chuckles. Draw a 26-frame grid and create your own characters before trading digital copies (an emailed smartphone photo, or, better still, a PDF using a scanning app) in exchange for a donation to your page.
  • Can’t wait until April 2021 for the Bootleg Beatles? Form your own band! Grab your instruments, design posters, invite friends and family and ask for a donation for admission to a 26-minute-long gig broadcast online live from your living room. If you don’t have instruments fear not: grab some tablespoon castanets, saucepan cymbals and a xylophone fashioned from glasses containing varying levels of water and let loose. 
  • Missing our dance programme? Why not make your own! Write down the names of 26 classic dances, from the Macarena to Gangnam Style, and put them in a hat. People donate to enter (either in person or via a video call), take turns to pull a dance out the hat, watch a YouTube tutorial and then get their groove on in front of the group.

The only requirement is that you must follow Government guidelines on exercise and social distancing.

Once you've set yourself a challenge, click here to set up a fundraising page or donate £2.60, £26 or whatever you can to WTM. Don't forget to share your fundraising page with family and friends and let them know what you are doing!

The WTM team have set themselves a challenge to walk, run or cycle the 509 virtual miles between Worthing and our twinned town of Elztal, Germany, over the course of this week. Each person will cover a whopping 26 miles each - the distance of a marathon - across the seven days. If you'd like to sponsor our efforts or keep up with our progress, you can do so here on our Just Giving WTM team challenge page