Filming and Photoshoots

Filming and Photo Shoots

Exclusive access to our venues for your filming and photographic needs.

Which rate?

We have created 2 package rates to ensure that we are offering the best rates for customers. If you are unsure about which package is for you, then please talk to the Hires Team. Your package rate will be confirmed by the Hires Team in your communication with them, and in your Hire Letter at the point of booking. 

The Hire Charge in this Package are our standard hire rates for filming in our venues. As we provide exclusive access to our venues for filming, it is unlikely we are able to reduce costs. However, if you are working to a specific budget, please let the Hires Team know. The Hires Team will then discuss with you any associated costs involved in your hire, and whether there is room to negotiate.


This rate is offered to hire customers who are either non-commercial organisations. This includes if you are a student looking to film for a project, a local community group wanting to film an short-film, or a Charity looking to film an advert for your cause.


This rate is offered to hire customers who are commercial organisations.

Non-commercial packages

Commercial packages

Associated costs

Additional equipment and services available to hire from us.

Want more information?

You can contact our hires team via the link below.