For all private and public theatre performance hires.

Which rate?

We have created 3 package rates to ensure that we are offering the best rates for our local community. If you are unsure about which package is for you, then please talk to the Hires Team. Your package rate will be confirmed by the Hires Team in your communication with them, and in your Hire Letter at the point of booking.


This rate is offered to hire customers who are registered Charities only, for any hire event type (e.g. private meeting or public fundraising event). You will need to provide your charity number at point of booking, and this will be checked on the register of charities provided by the Charity Commission.


This rate is offered to customers who are either non-commercial organisations (e.g. CIC, exempt Charities, and not for profit organisations), or hosting a Charity fundraising event. If you are hosting the event as a fundraiser, you will need to supply the Charity details to the Hires Team, along with a letter from your chosen Charity to confirm that proceeds will be going to them.


This rate is offered to hire customers who are commercial organisations. The only exception is if you are hosting a hire event as a Charity fundraiser, as detailed above under the Non-Commercial Package.

Charity packages

Non-commercial packages

Commercial packages

Associated costs

Additional equipment and services available to hire from us.

Want more information?

You can contact our hires team via the link below.